Day 3 in Sydney – Friends and IMAX

It has been rather eventful today. First stop was to The Rocks to see one of my awesome friends from exchange in Sweden who is also Australian and lives in Sydney! Chris and I simply walked to the train station... ...and caught the train to Circular Quay. We then dined at Löwenbräu Keller in The... Continue Reading →

First Day in Sydney, New South Wales.

Today was a rather successful day. Our flight was on time, the flight was super smooth for the entire duration including take off and landing and after landing in Sydney, the train ride and short walk to our accommodation wasn't too difficult at all! Took plenty of snaps on my phone today, so I'm hoping... Continue Reading →

We’re on our way!

7am and already on the train after a 15 minute walk and 15 minute bus ride to the train station with our bags packed and ready for our next adventure! It is very quiet on the train. Almost too quiet, but I appreciate it as I seem to be thinking rather clearly. Can definitely tell... Continue Reading →

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