Back from a long, long hiatus.

Hello world!

I apologise profusely for my complete lack of posting over the past few years.
I cannot even believe it has been that long already.
There are so many reasons why I suddenly abandoned this site and most of my social media in general.  While I won’t explain the reasons, I am writing today to say that I am back.

Over the past few months, I have been thinking long and hard about what I really want to do with my life as I finished university in 2015 and now have a full time job.
What I would really like to do (at least for now in my spare time) is to write more, to get back into photography and seeing as this blog is about travelling, to travel more.

Thankfully, I already have some travel plans up my sleeve into 2018.  Of course, the plans for the next few years are extremely rough as I really struggle to figure out what I am going to eat for dinner already, but I have a few plans in the future as well, ha.

Anyway, I have been travelling a bit since my last post as well.  Hoping to get some blog posts up about what I have been doing since then, as well as share any travel tips along the way.

I will likely be slow as I get back into the swing of things (and work around my work schedule), but hope you will be interested in my endeavours!

If you have been reading this, please let me know what you would like me to write about like travel tips, any trips I have taken or anything photography related.  Hope to hear from you!

Signing out for now,

The Woozy Traveller

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