Day 3 in Sydney – Friends and IMAX

It has been rather eventful today.

First stop was to The Rocks to see one of my awesome friends from exchange in Sweden who is also Australian and lives in Sydney! Chris and I simply walked to the train station…


…and caught the train to Circular Quay. We then dined at Löwenbräu Keller in The Rocks for breakfast, which is a German restaurant. It was nice to try a different cuisine. I opted for a small breakfast with two slices of rye bread topped with a soft boiled egg, cherries tomatoes and mashed avocado with sesame seeds, corn and a variety of other ingredients throughout it. I also had an iced chocolate. The boys opted for much larger breakfasts. It seems my partner almost always goes for the thing on the menu labeled ‘Big Breakfast’ in one way or another, haha. There’s no photos because I forgot to take photos, oops. I shall however leave a review of the restaurant when I’m back from the trip of course!

We then walked through the markets nearby, and I quite liked the look of many of them. It seemed like a more expensive sort of market to me, especially after seeing the price tags of some items!

Finally, after two decades, I got to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House in the flesh again. We first headed down the path in Circular Quay that took us under the bridge, which is where I snapped this shot of my friend and my partner walking.


Seeing Sydney’s iconic landmarks again (even though for a couple of minutes) made it it feel like my eyes had finally seen them in a memorable way. I only know I had seen them two decades ago because there is a photo of me in my mother’s arms in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It felt nice to create a memory for myself.



Soon, it was time to say goodbye, so we jumped on the train headed for our next destination – IMAX. We walked through town near Paddy’s Markets, where I snapped this shot of an interesting looking alleyway.


We walked through the Chinese Garden of Friendship again, and got caught up looking at the Koi Fish even though it was starting to rain somewhat heavily.



I then snapped my partner posing…


We bought our tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy at IMAX (even though it was three hours away from starting), but we were excited as we had already seen the film back in Brisbane and knew it would be simply awesome!

So, we headed to Broadway Shopping Centre. It was a long walk which started making my feet hurt with my heeled boots, but we made it with my feet intact! Snapped a couple of shots of scenery that looked interesting.



We didn’t do much there, but it was a nice walk.
Since the walk was a long way back to the IMAX theatre and we didn’t really have the time, we caught a taxi.
We were surprised at the rather small cost for how far we travelled. Our driver was also wonderful. Didn’t drive like a maniac and dropped us off exactly where we needed at a spot more optimal than what we had thought of going to. The ride barely cost more than $10, compared to the ridiculous charges for taxis in Brisbane going similar distances!

It was finally time for our IMAX experience; an experience on the world’s largest screen!


I of course lack photos from this experience because you can’t photograph in the cinema, but behold, I have a photo of our tickets! I can say though, that even with the price, the experience is worth it. The quality is amazing, like the 3D. There were some scenes in the film (don’t worry, I’m not saying any spoilers) I was so happy to see in 3D after the first time. Seeing them in 2D made me happy, but 3D I was practically in awe. Walking back to our accommodation, I snapped these.



After a few hours being back at our accommodation, we headed out for dinner to see my partner’s friend. Took an hour to get there, but we eventually arrived at Cafe C. I simply had bangers and mash.


My partner ordered some bruschetta to share…which was darn delicious and some nachos and my partner’s friend ordered the Newtown Chicken…but he dug into that before I got a snap, haha.



Will leave a review for this place with the other ones when I get back too.

We then headed home again as it was getting rather late (hence why this post is later than the others) and went to bed.

Today is our last day in Sydney, but we’re sure to make it a good day!

Signing out…
Time for some more adventures! 🙂

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