Second day in Sydney – Aquarium Day!

Today was a day filled with lots of food and fish, and that’s a great thing!

We had a rather good sleep in and munched on some muesli bars instead of spending lots of money on breakfast as we knew we’d be dining out later in the day.

My man took me to the Paddy Markets nearby to show me around and it didn’t take long before we had to start declining random offers. We then ventured through the Chinese Garden of Friendship, which I found to be rather gorgeous.


We stopped by a place called -18º Meno Diciotto, which is a place that sells gelato of a wide variety of flavours. We decided on buying a cup to share with three flavours – mixed berry, peppermint, and rocher (as in Ferrero Rocher). Here’s what it looked like.


Since it’s just something small, I’ll leave a quick review saying that all the flavours were delicious. I don’t recommend eating the peppermint and mixed berry flavours together in a mouthful, but separately or with the rocher (chocolate flavoured) gelato, they were perfect matches! Even with the cup being somewhat small, the lady who served us filled the cup very well as you can see. It was a good eat!

We sat by at Darling Harbour for a little while in front of a giant inflatable turtle called Alphie which is in the area for a month as part of the launch of the Undersea Art exhibition at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Basically you get to see a small collection of abstract paintings submerged in some random tanks scattered throughout the aquarium.


It was then time to explore the aquarium!
This was snapped just before we went in. Loved the colours I was seeing.


I was a little frustrated forgetting that we were going to the aquarium which typically means low lighting for the majority of it. It was a problem for me because I didn’t have my lens which is fantastic for low light situations. I did get shots of Alphie on my beloved camera however, but I made do with my phone for the most part of our journey through the windy corridors and tunnels of the aquarium. Rather than talking about every aspect of the aquarium, here’s a gallery of photos instead! 🙂


My partner said the fish above looked like a specific Pokemon.


The fish above I snapped because it was alone at the bottom of the tank swimming ever so slightly closer to me while all the others of its kind swam above.



The rays below seemed very curious, especially the last one which followed me around the tank and then surfaced. It literally stayed surfaced the whole time I was standing by it, then it instantly swam down to the bottom of the tank again when I walked away, regardless of the fact that there were other people still standing in the same spot. I love curious animals!




Below is a young boy watching the Fairy Penguins* swimming around, and I just loved the silhouette I was seeing, especially because it wasn’t so crowded that other people were blocking the shot.


Below is an eel in a pipe, and my partner exclaimed that the eels look like they just told a joke and are waiting for a reaction from the audience. It was hilarious!


Little turtle, and fish with reflections!
Think I especially love this snap because of the light which is almost perfectly centred behind the turtle.


Below are some Fairy Penguin eggs. I also pressed a red button *gasps* that made a projected penguin appear before my very eyes beside the eggs. Definitely wasn’t expecting the red button to do that; I’ll admit.




Hello shark…



My partner looking above at the sharks chilling out on the top of the tunnel…


A fish that really wanted to show me its face…


…and a photo snapped by my partner of me looking at the really big tank, with really big fish swimming towards me…


After our exploration of the deep blue sea while never setting our feet in the water, we settled for some pizza for our late lunch.
It looked like a lovely place to dine at and it wasn’t until I visited the restrooms that I realised the fancy restrooms with fancy faucets meant an expensive menu. Sure enough, I was right and my partner realised that too. We however dined there and this is what I got! Will have a review of the place at a later date.


We headed back to our accommodation for a few hours to rest, then headed out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Ramen Zundo.
I got the chicken katsu don as seen below. Shall also have a review of the place at a later date.


We then splurged a bit on some confectionary…a wide variety of the stuff, but it’s all yummy!

Now, I’m just about set for bed again. Big day tomorrow, but it’s rather exciting as we will be spending it seeing friends again! One is a friend of mine I met on exchange last year, another is one of my partner’s best friends. It’s going to be a great day.

Signing out…
Goodnight everybody! 🙂

*I grew up when the penguins were still called Fairy Penguins, rather than what they are now officially called – Little Penguins.

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