First Day in Sydney, New South Wales.

Today was a rather successful day. Our flight was on time, the flight was super smooth for the entire duration including take off and landing and after landing in Sydney, the train ride and short walk to our accommodation wasn’t too difficult at all! Took plenty of snaps on my phone today, so I’m hoping to use my cameras tomorrow when we have more time to do things!

My partner and I were very fascinated with the train that takes you from the airport to the city. I had seen a double decker train and travelled in one before in France/Monaco, but neither of us had ever seen seats that could be adjusted to face the opposite direction. We simply picked a seat on the train (on the top deck of course) facing direction of travel. It was’t until a couple of stops later that a woman boarded the train and I noticed her move the backrest of a back facing seat to face forwards simply by pulling it. My fascination made me gasp in a way that captured my man’s attention and we both marvelled at the seat design, then proceeded to pull our bags off the back facing seats in front of us simply to pull the backrest towards us and push it back to supplement our curiosity.

After an approximately 15 minute ride, the train arrived at our station. One thing I noticed about all the stations when we were travelling was that they were aesthetically representing the station. We were stopping at Museum Station, and it was no exception to my observations. It reminded me of the stations in the London Tube, and I found it slightly amusing that it had a somewhat familiar smell of a museum – like the smell of old artefacts and books. I liked the welcome sign too, even though it was very simple, it seemed like a perfect addition to the sensation of being in a museum.


Upon exiting the station, we immediately encountered this building on the opposite side of the intersection. I loved the old architecture and the white facade with golden detailing. Perfect for a corner building!


Soon afterwards, we reached our accommodation with not too much trouble and dropped our bags off (because we arrived earlier than the check in time) and wandered around nearby. First we stopped at Caffe Tiamo for brunch as we hadn’t had much to eat after waking up around 05:15 to catch our 08:30 flight. It was a very interesting experience, and the food was good. I’ll give the place a review in a separate post. Perhaps I’ll create a page specifically for reviews on places I eat/visit/stay at. Think that might be better than making this even more of a thesis than it already is!

We then went looking around the mall nearby, and got caught up playing a couple of video games which was rather amusing. We even bought some interestingly flavoured frozen yoghurt and topped it with the strangest of toppings, but I’ll admit that the weird combinations somehow worked and tasted fantastic. We also came across this statue of a bull in the mall, and I guess you could call us immature, but I thought it was funny seeing how anatomically correct the statue was.


Later on in the day, we headed out again to go to another cafe. My partner suggested a chocolate cafe almost directly across the road from Caffe Tiamo called Oliver Brown Belgian Chocolate Cafe. I’ll have a review of the place when I return home again (along with future places in this trip); however, here is a photograph of the hot chocolate that we both ordered. It was absolutely delicious. I think my partner and I are foodies. Always trying out new places and cusines.


While we were indulging in chocolate, it had started raining outside, but luckily when we were leaving, it had virtually stopped. The sun was beginning to set, so the gorgeous light of golden hour was starting to appear and the wet streets just added a little special feeling to what I was seeing, so I snapped this photo. It just made me somewhat happy.


Finally, we ventured off to the cinema to purchase some movie tickets for Sunday, because we know that the tickets will sell very quickly. So glad we have virtually the best possible seats! Along the way, while golden hour was still occuring, I snapped my partner walking down the alleyway. It seemed right to snap that moment. It looked so peaceful, and I love photographing him.


We came back from dinner a couple of hours ago, where we befriended a guy also staying at the hostel we’re at in the dining area. We were quite happy to actually make a friend while here (not to mention already) and he seemed happy to have actually met some Australians as most people at the hostel are from many international locations.

Now, while my man is playing on his Nintendo DS, I’m writing this post to the world and feeling quite happy that I can now share my experiences with you all. For now, I think it’s time to sleep, especially after so little last night so we can rise early tomorrow for a whole new set of adventures in Sydney! 🙂

Signing out…
Goodnight world!

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